Exhibition June-September 2014

Versailles in dreams

Facebook and Twitter Vernissage on the 17th June from 4 pm.

For the King, Versailles was a seat of power and a place to live. For his courtiers it was either heaven or hell, an island in the midst of Europe and the world. The revolution destroyed this way of life.  The wounds from that time have healed to leave a place of history and dreams. The lower classes from elsewhere trample the floorboards of royalty, admire designers' talents and attempt to relive the illusion...

Royalty's flagship was saved from ruin by peasants, the Republic and patrons who unite around this object that is unique in the world.

Flowers, statues, architecture and skies reinforce the outlines of loose compositions.

For me it is a place where dreams slide on the randomness of light.

Thierry SAMUEL

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